Mission Statement


St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is a community of faith filled people dedicated to leading the children to Christ by providing educational excellence for the mind, body, and spirit. 


St. John's School is dedicated to providing a quality Catholic education geared towards academic excellence embedded in the structure of a supportive, disciplined, and Christ centered environment. We strive to prepare learners for active, responsible, and faith-guided participation in the church and all aspects of society.  We pray that He who began the good work in us may bring it to completion through Jesus Christ (cf. Philippians 1:6).

By experiencing community at St. John's School, the learners acquire:

  1. growth in a personal and communal relationship with Christ to form the foundation for the rest of their lives;
  2. attitudes and practices of respect for themselves and of others, as children of God;
  3. recognition that one's actions affect the total community;
  4. responsibility for their actions by being encouraged to grow in the faith and virtues;
  5. compassion and acceptance towards all people; 

St. John's School objectives are:

  • to provide a Catholic environment where Word and Spirit are given further meaning through living the Catholic faith in daily activities, community and service;
  • to provide a safe, wholesome, and Christ-centered environment for students and families;
  • to provide an opportunity for creative and critical thinking in an environment where basic concepts and specific skills are taught;
  • to encourage clergy, parishioners and parents to educate children at the parish school, and to invite them to actively participate in the education process while remembering that “…the family is the first school of the social virtues” (Declaration on Christian Education, Introduction);
  • to provide a highly professional staff to serve as a model of Catholic living for students;
  • to encourage students to experience success and learn from failure;
  • to promote an awareness and concern for the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching;
  • to provide students with the materials and technology that encourages and enhances learning.   
  • to promote on-going educational growth by enriching the staff's professional skills, faith formation, and by refining existing programs;