Dress Code

St. John’s School Uniform Guidelines

For Kindergarten through Grade 6


Donald’s is our selected vendor for school uniforms.  Donald’s is located in St. Paul.  You may purchase items in-store, over the phone, or online from their website. Uniform flyers are available in the school office.                    Contact Information:  www.donaldsuniform.com     phone:  651-776-2723    outside metro:  1-800-728-8082

Shirts:  White, navy blue or red with collars, including turtlenecks, can be long or short sleeved.  No monograms, colored trim, or colored buttons.  All shirts must be worn tucked in. 

Shorts (September, May and June only), Pants, Skirts, Skorts, and Jumpers:  Khaki or plaid skirts, skorts and jumpers of modest length.  No exterior sewn pockets.

Sweaters:  Pullover, cardigan, vest, crew neck, or v-neck in red or navy blue.  A white collared shirt must be worn underneath. 

Sweatshirts:  Only school sweatshirts are acceptable.  Must be worn with a collared shirt underneath.

Socks, tights, leggings and hair accessories:  White, navy, black, red, or khaki.  Socks must be worn will all shoes – even with sandals.

Shoes:  must be safe and appropriate for school.  All shoes must have a back strap.  No clogs.

Belts:  preferred but not required.

  • Any jewelry worn must be simple and modest.  The same is asked for hair colors and styles.  The Principal will review all fads.
  • Out of uniform days are at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Students must dress appropriately for seasonal weather. 
  • Hats, mittens/gloves, boots, jackets required for winter.  Snowpants are required for grades K-3.  


  •  Students who are not in compliance will receive a Dress Code Violation.  Parents will be notified.